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No More Parties Remix

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ceo wreckless

Never Disappoints!!!! PERIODT!!!! 

With this track "Yves Saint Laurant", CEO Wreckless came with that raw designer style flow! Ya'll know... That flow where it's smooth but hardbody at the same time! Not to mention the energy he brings! Listen ya'll, I've been following CEO Wreckless for years and its proven thats he's grown colossal from the bars to his stage presence... EVERYTHING is on point! Its always nice to hear about a new CEO Wreckless track dropping because you know he never disappoints from the super hard delivery to the cinematic visual that puts you right there with the artist! 

So enough of what I got to say because I know im a fan! Next step for y'all is to check CEO Wreckless out for yourself so at the end of the day you'll be a fan too! You can watch "Yves Saint Laurant" as well as other dope videos by clicking the video above! Be sure to like, share, and subscribe! CEO Wreckless can also be found on FB and Instagram under who?? CEO Wreckless that's who! And as always follow and share lunifilms.com for you and your crew to stay connected to the latest, hottest new artists and exclusive Luni Films visuals just to name a few!